Outsourcing Services


Payroll Services

Payroll outsourcing saves employees time, costs, and possibility of internal fraud as well as provide confidentiality and protection of valuable/sensitive data. We have installed a robust platform of payroll solution software customized for Bangladesh best practices and legal environment and our experienced team can manage large or small payrolls on behalf of local or international clients.
We can provide payroll solution starting from employee database to monthly salary computation and disbursement and transfer to bank or mobile accounts of employees. Inquiries welcome.
We have state of the art software for managing payrolls for more than fifty thousand headcount including managing personal income tax, investments, provident fund, gratuity, leave and attendance management etc. At the moment we are managing large number of payrolls for different local and international clients.
We are open to discuss or redesign our Payroll processing platform to suit particular client needs.

Financial/Tax Management

As an added service of our payroll solution, we can provide tax management, personal tax effectiveness in salary structuring and administration of legal process of returns, etc. which an essential Human Resource Service required by most organizations in Bangladesh.
We welcome the opportunity to address your unique needs.
• We have a team of trusted tax professionals available to help you with your employee tax returns and planning.
• We have a team of trusted financial advisors to assist you in achieving optimum results in the area of payroll and employee costs.

Service Provided

• Investment Planning
• Individual tax
• Year-end tax processing
• Evaluate current portfolios
• Retirement and pre-retirement planning
• Tax Advantage panning
• Individual and group insurance including long term care, health and life insurance.

HR Back Office

We are fully geared to work as your Human Resource Department, maintain employee data base, ensure data security by multiple back-ups, create recruitment and termination documents and arrange employee insurance and advise employers on labor laws and other legal compliance issues.
Our services can free up your management time and headaches for routine administrative chores leaving your decision-makers time for the core business and profit maximization.

End To End Outsourcing Services

We are fully equipped and capable for providing any kinds of end to end outsourcing services including managerial, administrative and office support services for businesses in Bangladesh and other countries. For further details, please write to hrmservice@consumark.com.bd.