CONSUMARK has been in operation for twenty years and was set up by seasoned corporate professionals to provide high quality niche services to corporate clients in the areas of Human Resource Management services, marketing, brand development and niche OOH media services.

Founding directors and consultants brought with them world class experience in brand marketing, advertising, market research, HR selection/recruitment and job evaluation techniques, international banking and general management skills.

Currently, CONSUMARK operates two areas of corporate service: HR Management Service and Media Services.

Under the HRM service we provide HR consulting, recruitment of senior and mid level professionals for local and international companies, talent management, employee outsourcing and managing payroll services for local and international corporate organizations.

Under Media services we have been providing specialized airport advertising for both international and domestic terminals, advisory services for OOH media, indoor advertising display solutions based on the latest generation technology and equipment and modern LED lighting applications for advertising, events/ theatrical, and architectural use.